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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 10, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- the white house dials up its campaign against the insurance industry. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius today going against the big companies. >> you will take the as that's you have and the influence and the bully pulpit that you have and use it to start calling for comprehensive reform to pass. the president will soon be en route to st. louis for two campaign-style rallies. but the state's democratic candidate for the senate isn't even showing up. missouri republican senator kit bond, though, will be joining us straight ahead. and the mess over massa. his ever changing story even has glenn beck speechless. >> america, i'm going to shoot straight with you.
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i think i wasted your time. i think this is the first time i have wasted an hour of your time. i apologize for that. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the president campaigns for health reform once again. this time in missouri. republican senator kit bond, state's leading republican, lead republican on the intelligence committee, joins us now. let's talk about health care first, senator. good day. welcome and thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. good to talk with you. >> where do we stand with health care? it is quite obvious that the house vote is -- you know, the next step is going to be a real nail biter. but if -- assuming that the house proceeds, do you think that the senate will go by reconciliation, by majority vote, and do the fixes that are recommended by the democratic leadership? >> simple answer, no. we are not going to use reconciliation to tie -- clear up a flawed bill. the president has come to missouri to try to tell us that
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we don't understand what's good for us. and missourians have shown me, show-me state, they don't want to tax and spend and medicare-cutting bill. i hope that the president would listen. apparently he is going to talk in missouri. >> when you come to the -- the decision point in the senate, you are going to be campaigning against the fixes, including, you know, stripping out the fix for louisiana and the cornhuskers deal and all those other deals. is that a good political position to be in? arguing against all of those things that were obviously exorbitant and ought to be, most people would say, stripped from the bill? >> well, first of all the president shouldn't get his allies to cram through on reconciliation. something to which the american people overwhelmingly object. they object to reconciliation. it was never meant to pass major substantive changes, whether
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they are trying to make a bad bill slightly less worse. no matter how much you put on the outhouse, it would still smell bad. >> well, that may be a great missouri expression but that same outhouse was used for the bush tax cuts and for other major legislation in republican years. why shouldn't the democrats do exactly what the republicans have been doing? >> major legislation was passed on reconciliation. everything from the civil rights to social security passed, overwhelming bipartisan support. reconciliation was men to dole only with revenue issues. like -- dealing with taxes and spending. not making substantive change which is the speaker is trying to convince the house democrats will be made. they will not be made because procedurally it cannot be done. >> let me switch you to the other -- one of the other p.m. areas of your expertise and that is, of course, intelligence. you are the lead republican on
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the intelligence committee. there is a big division among conservative republicans and former bush/cheney lawyers over this. cheney's group. and the al qaeda 7 in that advertisement use against the justice department. the justice department lawyers that have in the past and private practice done pro bono work for detainees. former attorney general in missouri, where do you to understand this? >> i'm not former attorney general. number one, we need to go past the rhetoric. and while i as a lawyer know that attorneys are supposed to represent their clients, i think that everybody in the senate and in the nation should be concerned about the attitude of the department of justice. we have seen attorney general holder favor treating these terrorists, enemy combatants, common criminals. we want to make sure that the --
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justice department understands that after 9/11 they should be treated as enemy combatants, not as civilian criminals. >> where do you stand on -- i apologize. i forget of course you were the governor of missouri. not the attorney general. where do you stand on the whole question of whether that advertisement went too far? did it demonize these lawyers? did it cross the line in suggesting that lawyers as, you know, attorneys, should be representing any number of clients, different types of clients, whether they are the criminal arena, other types of terror suspects. where -- where do you come down on that? >> i think -- go ahead. excuse me. >> no, you go ahead. sorry. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. well, first, i certainly wouldn't -- wouldn't have said that. i think the -- approach of the -- department of justice is legitimate question. we should address. but both sides have done it whether it is questioning the citizenship of the president, i
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believe that's out of bounds in the previous administration, people came out and said bush lied and people died. that was a major democrat marching -- totally beyond the realm. and calling general petraeus a general betray-us was uncalled for and i think everybody should reject that kind of overheated rhetoric. >> on both sides? >> both sides. both sides are guilty. and i think that both sides ought to stop that kind of treatment. i didn't see the democrats retreating from their side. but i hope that republicans and democrats say that we ought to debate the issues, not the extreme name calling. >> fair enough. kit bond, thank you very much. former governor of missouri. good to see you. >> with us now, nbc news white house correspondent and co-host of "the daily run-down," savannah guthrie. let's talk about health care and
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what sebelius tried to do today. she really went after the insurance industry head to head. of course, as you know, better than anyone the president will be doing the same thing in missouri later today. >> reporter: yes. actually a new take on it. talking about waste, fraud and abuse. the white house is trying to have this rally, not a town hall but rally later in st. louis. coincide with some new initiatives to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse. try to increase the use of audits and incentivizing the auditors saying that you can root out, ferret out the abuse, we will give you a cut of some of the money you find. this is all part in parcel of the final push on health care. and as you said, the health and human services secretary sebelius was before insurance companies, today really confronting them and it is fascinateding to see the turn of events. one year ago when they were setting out on the health care reform effort, much was made of the fact that the white house had managed to get everybody at the table. that they had made deals that everybody agreed now was the time for reform.
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so they didn't have that handy villain in the insurance companies. well, what a difference a year has made. now, of course, the obama administration is taking that tact, whether it is too late to make a real difference, we will have to wait and see. >> the real turning point seems to to be the election of scott brown in massachusetts. everything changed. the new pop list many, if you want to call it that, coming from the white house, beating up on the insurance industry because of the problem in -- getting things passed and also what they saw in massachusetts. i wanted to bring in now kelly o'donnell, capitol hill correspondent. kelly, one of the people noticeably absent from today's st. louis rally, we are told, is going to be robert carnahan who is running for the sfat there. democratic senate candidate does want to be seen with the leader of the party the president of the united states? >> reporter: she is working that anti-washington theme in her campaign and so if people hear that the president's doing fund-raising he's trying to help out claire mccaskill who is a sitting senator, not up for
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re-election this year. helping down the line. so the president is stumping in missouri, trying help democrats there. but you point out quite notably that the candidate that the democrats hope will succeed previous guest, kit bond, isn't there. and everyone is talking about that because it sends a message because even if she had previously scheduled engagements which is what we heard if the president is coming, you sort of drop everything. at least that's a reasonable assumption. so it really does make a difference. as you have been talking about, his message on health care, certainly being heard here. i'm hearing from house democrats that the president's new ownership of the issue, calling it my plan, in his words, is helping some of them to kind of get in position. even though they haven't officially done the whip counting, the -- the tapping on heads to see where people are. just yet. >> and joe biden sat down, of course, with chris matthews in jerusalem where chris is doing "hardball" and has been
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reporting all week on the biden trip. he asked joe biden about trying to get that house vote and what the chances are that nancy pelosi will actually get the 216 they need to win. here's what biden had to say. >> i feel confident the speaker will be able to get those votes. look, everybody talks about this extraordinary process. this is a bill that passed the united states senate with 60 votes. 60 votes. to ask a majority of the members of the house to pass it and somehow that be extra judicial or extra legislative. it is just -- this has been blown out of proportion. and it will be reconciled. that -- that's the -- you know, so-called reconciliation. only in washington is the word reconciliation mean war. >> joe biden sounds confident. at least confident now. behind the scenes, savannah, are they really that confident? or is this thing really going to be nip and tuck? >> well, you know, they are still talking about that march
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18th date that the house would pass the senate plan. not budging from it one bit. even though majority leader hoyer has seem to have pored co poured cold water on the deal. pelosi will have the vote. i think it is interesting, kelly is right. democrats may not be whipping their votes quite yet but the republicans are. they are sending memos saying democrats simply do not have these votes. and almost taunting democrats, house democrats, over this trust issue they have with the senate saying that hey, house of representatives, hey democrats and house, can you really trust that the senate is going to be able to make these fixes that are important to you in the reconciliation bill? you can't be sure of it. trying to, ace said, exploit those trust issues and the concerns many house democrats have about taking yet another tough vote only to not see the action they are waiting for in the senate. >> it is not that hard to try to make the house members feel less secure about the senate. there isn't any trust.
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kelly, is a have an, you a both very much. great to have you on today. be sure to watch savannah and chuck todd on "the daily run-down." weekdays at 9:00 eastern, only on msnbc. coming up, the senate moves closer to a bipartisan deal on financial regulation. that's not sitting so well with the powerful chairman of the house committee. up next, barney frank. plus, vice president joe biden's trip takes an unexpected turn in the middle east. a half-hearted apology in israel today. how's that going over with the united states? send me your thoughts. ♪ what? ♪ giant peanut... with sea salt. dude, you're freaking me out. ah! ♪ wah! ♪ both: whoa! ahhh!
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the senate is finishing work on a bill that's supposed to
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rewrite oversight for wall street and add new protections for the little guy. it is unclear just how much will change. over on the house side, chairman barney frank has made it clear he's not happy with key pieces in the senate legislation. and there he is. barney frank joining us now. first of all, let's talk about what the senate has done and the compromises that chris dodd seems to be making with corker, senator corker, other republicans to get a deal. and they are talking about taking the fed oversight and the consumer protection agency, for instance, putting it in the federal reserve. how's that sitting with you? the whole idea that the fed would be the consumer watchdog? >> well with obviously, the fed has been the major consumer watchdog by statute. no bank regulator should be given that job because the consumer will be second. i should add senator dodd been able to write the bill the way he wanted we would have something signed already. this is not a disagreement i have with chris dodd who has been good on the issues but has
1:17 pm
a process. particularly this undemocratic, anti-majority view that could be filibustered. i have made a radical suggestion. we have a conference. house senate conference. rather than this be decided as some people seem to think it is going to be, chris dodd's need to get enough republican votes to overcoming a filibuster, i think chris knew the -- is doing the best job he can. house senate conference. frankly, i have some confidence here, andrea, that if we sit in a conference and probably be televised, you will be there, c-span will be there, others will be there. i think that some of my republican colleagues who are prepared to cutback on consumer protection and sensible regulation, prifal deals, if we have to do it publicly and vote on it public. >> i what a radical idea. going back to the days when we had these conferences and markups on camera and in public. you may come out with a different result. >> we are sit there and be able to do it. yemen not health care?
1:18 pm
health care is more complicated because there are -- in the house, three separate committees with equal jurisdiction. here we have one committee in the house, one in the senate. prirnl jurisdiction. onesome shared jurisdiction with the agriculture committee. we can easily structure such a conference. they are talking in the senate about cutting back on the requirement that people who sell financial products, fiduciary responsibility, we are told they want to exclude payday lenders from legislation that would be a great mistake. we have the -- the question of the independents and consumer agency, all of those are the kinds of -- we should sit and debate and discuss. and, again, i -- i want to be honest and say that i think the side i'm on, tough regulation, strong consumer protection, does better than open in the process. >> let me switch you to one thing that came up last week. and caused a little bit of confusion, flurry in the markets. wane to give you a chance to explain what you mean. you said, first of all, to "the washington post," i think,
1:19 pm
thursday, people who own fannie and freddie debt are not in the same legal position as those who own treasury bonds. i don't want them to be. suggest the they would not have the same, you know, ex-police it guarantee or implicit guarantee. the treasury put out a statement friday trying to counteract that after there was some market reaction. you then clarified friday that throughout the debate over fannie and freddie in past years, i noted that fannie and freddie debt did not have the same legal standing as treasury did. this does not prevent the treasury from treating the debt it believes best support the important goal of stabilizing the financial system. and you seem to be indicating, also, that you are -- you would treat fannie and freddie investors post bailout differently be on those that invested before the market crash. can you clarify what you actually mean? >> first of all -- i made a -- what i thought was a statement, everybody understood, i had consistently said that people who bought fannie and freddie here shouldn't think they
1:20 pm
were -- in fact, we have already at the request that i worked closely with the bush administration on this, of the owners of fannie and freddie preferred stock have that devalued. there was never the guarantee. secondly -- >> implicit guarantee. >> no, there was -- >> saw the government stepped up to the plate here. >> no. not for the shareholders. you know, there is something contradictory when you say that there is an implicit guarantee, it is no longer implicit. i used to say no, there isn't such guarantee. and i didn't want people to think there was. i don't -- i don't want people to think now that the debt is exact there same as debt in the treasury. as matter of policy, the treasury department has decided, first in the bush administration, now obama, continuity here, that to keep the housing market going, they need fannie and freddie to be able to sell paper and they will prom toys pay that. that's a perfectly good decision for them to make. i was make thing distinction. the other thing i was saying is this. they have been issuing paper and saying we are going to stand
1:21 pm
behind it. it is appropriate for them to do that. but people -- i don't want people who had preferred shares from years ago when i was saying look, this is not a treasury remember bond do not consider this guaranteed. element risk here. i don't want somebody saying i can sue the federal government to get back my preferred shares. >> let me ask you a bigger question. just to nail this down before we wrap up here. do you think that they have outlived their usefulness in terms of the housing market? would you like to some day see us evolve past fannie and freddie? >> absolutely. the history is this. i thought until all the -- 2003, that they would be very useful. in 2004 president bush ordered them to buy many, many more mortgages for people borrowing dar at that point i joined mike oxley of sarbanes oxley fame of trying to reform them. that got bogged down. when i became chairman of the committee in 2007, i'm proud of hang paulson and his book saying
1:22 pm
that i was bipartisan and cooperated with him and we put through the legislation to give him the power to take them over. it is now creating -- we need to redo this. we have fannie may, freddie mac. ginnie mae. we have a series of important areas providing liquidity to the secondary mortgage market in an unsubsidized way. some degree of subsidy, some stand by authority of -- if there is a meltdown. those are separate functions. i'm inclined to think we made mace take when we put them together. they were created long before i got here in which they were private corporations and probably had a public mission. that seemed to work well when the housing market was doing well. as the housing market collapsed, i think they -- they get -- they gave -- proof to what warren buffett said. when the tide goes out you see who has been swimming naked. it is time to get a new set of clothes. >> owing. lot of people found swimming naked. thank you very much. chairman barney prank.
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senator graham issued a challenge to president obama. telling him if you want a bipartisan deal on immigration reform, get involved. this comes ahead of tomorrow's oval office meeting. senators graham and schumer meeting with the president. here with us now, iman jabbers. this is interesting, taking on immigration reform. it didn't do so well with george bush why should this president under fire with health reform on the verge of going down or not take on another very controversial topic? >> look, andrea, if you think that health care reform is emotional and i did vice enough
1:27 pm
this country, wait until you get ma the immigration reform. it is going to be a real, real tricky political challenge. the president committed to moving forward on it and there are some negotiations going on behind the scenes and we are going to see the meeting tomorrow. the question for the white house, though, is why would you want top do this going into the november election. it is just going to raise an enormous amount of emotional anxiety in this country on all sides. and particularly because the white house is beholden to latino voters who voted overwhelmingly for barack obama last time around. it is just a very difficult problem. >> quickly, they have also lost some key republicans. notably john mccain under fire from hey sxworth his primary has not been leading the way. lindsey graham is, old partner, but not john mccain. >> it will be very difficult for mccain to play a role on this because he's under fire -- on the immigration front back at home. >> okay. stay on top of it. we will follow you, your lead.
1:28 pm
i would betxd against this. up next, virginia congressman tom perriello. republicans taking aim at democrats over the recent ethics scandals involving congressman rangel, congressman massa. will that strategy pay off? we will take to it the strategists next. [ female announcer ] introducing carefree® ultra protection™ liners. it feels like a liner, but protects like a pad. because it absorbs 10 times more. there's nothing quite like it. carefree® ultra protection™. feels like a liner, protects like a pad™. quickly access your prescription history. automatically refill prescriptions for you and your family. get e-mail reminders when prescriptions are ready for pick-up. enjoy free shipping... or pick up your prescriptions wherever you travel. where your daily life and better health just click.
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1:32 pm
standard. this morning, governors in state school superintendents, released a blue print of new guidelines for american students. the proposed common core standards are meant to replace individual state standards. national women's history month, this afternoon, first lady michelle obama and secretary of state hillary clinton at the state department will be presenting the 2010 international women of courage awards. the ten honorees will be recognized for that pursuit of women's rights. has president obama lost his connection with the voters? since the campaign days. virginia congressman tom perriello, freshman, obama democrat, joins us. congressman, thanks very much. we had an interview with george packer just yesterday when did a number of interviews with you back in your district. noted that your concerns about the president, the connection, the voters, how people in march vincevil
1:33 pm
martin feel now. one of the things packer said in "the new yorker" is that tom perriello faulted just not on the size and composition of the stimulus package but lack of imagination. is that one of your marn concerns? >> well, you know, i think the president stepped into a tough position and he's done a great job of taking on challenges that neither party has had the guts to touch for a long time. right now, we are on the verge of a summer building season that isn't a republican prob problem or democratic problem. abmain street problem. we have to make sure that we are nailing those construction jobs and not flirting with the double dip recession this summer. i think that we have seen some real progress in preventing a depression from happening which was a real possibility a year ago. but to see the kind of growth that's going to reach the working and middle class, we are going to need a sustained effort to rebuild america's competitive advantage for global economy. >> you are -- one of those house members, freshman, in an endangered district who are -- really on the line with this next vote on health care.
1:34 pm
what are you hearing from nancy pelosi? what do you need to reassure you? you voted last time. are you going to vote for the senate bill because it does not have the stupak abortion language you voted for the first instance? >> well, my primary litmus test all along has been is this going to reduce cost for middle-class families and small businesses. my brother is a high school teacher and coach with four kids. i have seen his premiums go through the roof. if year bringing those costs don i'm all for it. if we are not, i'm mott. i think we are moving in the right direction. i know the house bill did that for the middle class and small business. we hope we can get a final bill that does. >> it it sounds to me as though you are going to be reashirted enough, stupak and abortion language, that's not do or die issue with you now. you can probably be satisfactory order the cost side and put new nancy pelosi's corner for the final vote. >> well, you know, i think there was a standard set of no program sfunding for abortions and lot of people stood by that. i think both the house and senate made p genuine attempts
1:35 pm
to reach that standard. people of conscience, people trying to reach that. disagreements on it. i think that will be worked out. the relevant issue is the kitchen table issues of whether this will bring down the skyrocketing premiums and out pocket costs. i helped lead a fight two without objection ago to remove the monopoly protections for health insurance companies. and we ended up getting over 400 votes in the house and including 150 republicans that were no carveouts and no exceptions. good pro-competition, pro-consumer bill. i think that if we stay on that track, it is going to be a good thing. >> do you and other freshmen feel great deal of concern finally about another freshman, former -- now former congressman massa and crazy way he's left the house? and possibly also the rangel exit from the ways and means chairmanship? is this going to be like the mark foley scandal year for democrats? >> well, it is obviously unfortunate and a lot of people caught in the spiral. you see a marked difference
1:36 pm
where we had ethics investigations and supported aggressive investigation. we have had consequences when people have done that. i think it is a very different idea of saying we are going to hold even our own accountable. but i think a lot of us in the freshman class are really less focused on our own jobs than getting job croatian moving. particularly heading into this summer construction season. and if we put the partisan politics aside and say what's right for the country, what's right for the economy, we are going to focus on that effort to rebuild america's competitive advantage. and this city is sometimes way too focused on november and not enough on june and july and i think it is going to be really important for all of us, again, to get beyond partisanship and make sure we get construction going and whether that's infrastructure or retrofitting of our existing building stock. things that increase our competitiveness over time. that's the real jobs agenda we should be focused on. >> tom perriello, freshman. congressman from martinsville area around central and south central virginia. thanks very much.
1:37 pm
>> thanks. i know one group that's very focused in november and that's the republican national committee. former congressman eric massa's revelations about tickle fights with his staff and admission he failed to live up to the congressional code of ethics. that's all fodder for the rnc now featuring him in a new ad. taking aim at speaker pelosi. >> eric massa resigned after allegations sexual allegations surfaced. ploosz call pelosi called it rumor. pelosi's wrong. it is time to change washington. >> oh, boy. with me now, democratic strategist and msnbc contributor karen finney. pat buchanan, msnbc political analyst. well, i don't know where to start with massa. karen, how do you deal with it? >> i think it is -- >> speaker pelosi going up against this. >> i think it has been dealt
1:38 pm
with. part of the reason we found out about this is because there was an ethics investigation that came to light. i think there's more clearly coming to light. so mr. massa decided to step down and clearly the right decision. we are hearing there's more out there. likewise, with charlie rangel. he stepped down from his chairmanship. there is an ongoing investigation. and these things are being handled. ethics scandals are not the one party or the other. what matters is how they are handled. democrats are proud we have a system that was put in place and now, unfortunately, it has taken two of your own. >> massa is out and more to come on rangel. perhaps more to come on paterson who is being hounded by the tabloids. is it over? >> i think massa is over. a pathetic case, quite frankly. no reason to pursue the charges, etc.ition charges. >> they are pursuing them because there may be action taken on behalf of some of the
1:39 pm
staff members. >> i think you move into -- mine, i don't think it -- first, i don't think that's a very important issue. in and of itself now that he had that unfortunate interview, quite frankly, with mr. beck where he revealed himself to be somewhat, you know, off the rails, quite frankly. do i think this, andrea. the republicans in 2006 were the foley thing and a couple of other things got the issue of the culture of corruption was added to the other charges of the -- iraq war and rest of it. and the democrats are running dangerously close to critical mass here. you lost one governor of new york through, you know, engagement with prostitutes and another one has ethics obligations gone. rangel. massa. you keep these things up and they reach critical mass and republicans could use it in the fall. i don't think that they are there yet. massa really -- brought us close to the brink. >> trying to embrace him and then backed off realizing that
1:40 pm
he might be -- >> let me just say as the person that's the communications director at the dnc, governor dean that started the culture of corruption, let's remember that was a very broad based -- you had people who are now convicted criminals, cunningham, may. tom delay scandal and the -- revovling door. with foley the problem was there was a coverup. it had been known for some time there was a problem and it was covered up. that was part of the scandal. not to mention what was going on in the white house between leaking the name of a covert cia operative by karl rove. i don't cancer what he says now. and being lied to about getting into the armed force. the idea of the culture of corruption was the party was actually using and abusing their power for their own political gain. not for what's good for the people. >> listen to what eric cantor had to say. he jumped on this on the "today" show. >> i think like most of your viewers this morning, i think i'm a little taken aback and stunned by all of this. i'm just getting the news like you are. so -- again, i -- i don't know
1:41 pm
the facts of this at all. now that the american people are sickened by all of this that's gone on. and i think that the best place for this to be resolved is in the ethics committee. let's get to the bottom of it. >> i agree with that on massa. i think he's all done and is cooked. i agree with karen. there was a lot there to make the case. these guys have been in power too much. abusing their privileges. abramoff thing. we are approaching that. if you get a blagojevich trial in june or july and he starts making accusations against white house staffers, senior staffers, and add in all this stuff added in, you may have something to make the case. republicans are clearly trying to do it. will they succeed? i don't know. everything is going their way now. >> i think the danger for both parties, i don't -- look, i think most people look at these scandals and what they are angry about is that it means that their business isn't getting done. we are certainly -- it could hurt democrats more. i think it hurts both parties because -- >> both house.
1:42 pm
>> absolutely. >> i think they are sick of washington and i agree with that. it adds to it. they say enough with that place. that invariably hurts the incumbent party in an off-year election. even though both parties may contributing to it. i think that even karen would agree it is the democratic party that really faces the problem this november. not the republicans. >> to be continued. karen finney, pat buchanan. thank you. where will the health care fight take us in the next 24 hours? that coming up with "the washington post." ethan allen
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1:46 pm
that's an affront to the president of the united states that you don't go out there and what it says is that the president being linked to him is going to hurt you in the fall. potentially hurt you and, therefore, run away from your own press and when he comes to the state, i think it is a mistake on miss carnahan's part to do that. even if he's not terribly popular. and i think that obama -- the president is out there because this is a swing area for him and claire mccaskill out there. so it is -- the right thing to do. and if his strategy about their speaking is the right thing to do. i don't necessarily agree with that. i think -- if he comes to town, i would be working on those house members one by one by one. and if you get there, it is all over. the game over. and i don't know why he doesn't stay here and go to work on those folks. >> trying to build the political support to come back and feed back over them. it does not always work. >> a tough strategy. i think it has been better over the last few days to see the president sort of back on the stump, if you will, campaigning for his ideas. remember, the part of what
1:47 pm
people were feeling was he hadn't put enough on the line for the health care -- health care reform. and i think he's really doing that. i think he is doing it a visible way. it is unfortunate carnahan is not there with him. but i -- i think it is a good strategy to try to rally the troops. >> so they can know he has their back because he put a lot of distrust between house members and the white house and they don't really think he's good or bad important them. >> he goes back to the fastball every time. favorite pitch. >> i was going to say, worked well. i don't know. >> karen finney, pat buchanan, thank you both. what's going on between the united states and israel? talk about a lack of trust. former u.s. ambassador to israel. follow the show online and at twitter. woman down from nasal allergy attack. but we've got the ammunition she needs: omnaris. (troops) omnaris! to the nose. (general) omnaris works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris fights nasal allergy symptoms
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iran for more than seven months were allowed to call home for the first time. in a statement their families say they received the calls on tuesday calling it a tremendous relief. all three report being well. shane bower's mom said her son sounded strong and determined. they have charged the uc berkeley graduates from espionage. the families say they accidentally crossed the border into iraq in 2009 while hiking. the united states and israel having a serious problem in relations. in ramallah, rebuked israel. vice president of brookings. thank you for joining us, ambassador. that has been not only striking the policy but timing. joe biden is in israel, the
1:52 pm
highest ranking official to go. there's been complaints that president obama has not personally made a visit. as he's heading to netanyahu's for dinner, this announcement in jerusalem, a real affront to final status negotiations and to access issues for the palestinians. what is going on? >> well, henry kissinger once said israel doesn't have a foreign policy, only domestic politics. that's the best way for the situation. the vice president went there to reassure israeli public opinion that the obama administration really cared about israel's security. he had poured out the blandishments in a bidenesque way all morning only to be met with this announcement of more housing units going up in the very sensitive area of east
1:53 pm
jerusalem. it seems that this was not planned. or if it was planned, it was by some rogue elements in the ministry of interior that wanted to embarrass the prime minister and the vice president. but whatever the explanation, the results are very clear. the vice president, i think, felt that he had been hit in the solar plexus. now the israelis have managed to score in a situation which he was coming to embrace them. instead, as you suggested. he ends up embracing the palestinians and condemning the israelis. >> it's a real slap in the face. you're right, he has ended up tilting, if you're going to tilt, towards the palestinians because he's been embarrassed. he's correct in saying that the peace negotiations, which have been stalled, are really set back. george mitchell had just been there and finally persuaded both sides to come in so-called
1:54 pm
proximity talks, not even direct talks. we're so many steps backward than we were for years and years. they are inching towards to maybe getting together through intermediaries and now this happens. >> interestingly, i don't think that the palestinians have actually called a suspension of these proximity talks that are just getting under way in the last two days while the vice president is there. so it may be that if one jeopardized what mitchell painstakingly put together but it will underscore the great difficulties in trying to resolve issues like jerusalem. people are fond of saying, that you know, both sides support a two-state solution. but the reality is that on issues like jerusalem and refugees, the public, not just the politicians, are further apart than in the past. therefore, while it's very important to try to keep the
1:55 pm
talks going, it's very important also to try to stop provocative acts from occurring. but the prospects for a negotiated peace agreement seem to me to be quite dismal at the moment. >> am i wrong to say that i haven't seen this kind of disconnect between israeli political leadership and the u.s. administration since all the way back in bush 41. we're talking about all the way back to when jim baker was secretary of state? >> i would never want to suggest you were wrong, andrea, but this is deja vu all over again whether jim baker with the sham ir government in the bush 41 days or madeleine albright in the clinton or condoleezza rice in the bush 43 administration, the incidents of announcements of settlement okay tift or
1:56 pm
housing construction in jerusalem on the eve or just after a senior american official leaves israel is very, very common. i had to deal with it all the time when i was ambassador in israel. in that sense, it's deja vu all over again. the other thing that's interesting about this moment, while there's a good deal of tension on peace process issues, surprisingly there's a good deal of coordination and communication on the iran issue. >> and that is a major development, indeed. we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much, martin, from brookings. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." don't forget, follow us online and twitter. tamron hall takes over from here. anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos.
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